At Candlemas, in mid-February 1507, [like every year] Henry took barge to Westminster to observe the anniversary of Elizabeth’s death on the 11th. (…)
In 1508, Candlemas came and went again. Unable to move and to make the short journey to the Abbey the King dispatched the Baron Daubeney to attend her memorial service at Westminster, and to make the customary offerings. Elizabeth seemed to linger in Henry’s thoughts as he ordered specifically money to be given to a ‘woman that lay in childbed’.

— The Winter King, Thomas Penn


"Why do you weep? Did you think I was immortal?"

Louis XIV (last words)






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Especially when considering the fact that she claims to be a ‘historian’. Bitch please you got an E for History A-levels and I’ve read fanfiction written by teenage girls which have more historic accuracy!


What is your opinion on how Gregory wrote the relationship between Elizabeth and Henry in The White Princess?

disgusting. from where do i start?… Gregory ruined them as a couple and as individual, just for the Hell of it since every fact tends to show that at least, they had an harmonious marriage. Elizabeth was somehing else that a whiny girl with no will, dreaming about her ‘true lover’, Richard!!! And Henry was not a tyrant, and abuser and a mummy-boy!!

and the way their relationship is depicted: Henry rapes Elizabeth before and after their wedding. she didn’t stop crying and whinning about the death of Richard who was so amazing and great and everything she wanted *ugh*. Her mother didn’t stop her schemes and plots againt Henry -and so her own daughter’s safety (??!!?§?§!!). Perkin Warbeck is in fact the REAL brother of Elizabeth and the REAL prince Richard. Henry had mistresses that he loves more than his own wife. They never fall in love with each other and he never trusts her. And what about that moment when he threatened her to take her kids away and lock her in a nunnery if she acknowledges Perkin and also calls her a whore and a york bitch.

Everything is awfull. This book is awful. How can it even exist?




Kings of England (since the Conquest) ◆ william the conqueror

Born around 1028 in Falaise, the illegitimate son of Duke Robert I of Normandy was labeled ‘William the Bastard’ by contemporaries and enemies (jealous trolls). William didn’t care though, because on his father’s death in 1035, a seven-year old William was recognized as heir, with his great uncle serving as regent. In 1042, he began to take more personal control and successfully defended his title. From 1046 until 1055, he dealt with a series of baronial rebellions. William’s political and military successes also helped him in negotiations to marry the very beautiful Matilda of Flanders in 1053 (yanking her off her horse and pulling her hair also helped). 

Early in 1066, Edward the Confessor died and Harold, Earl of Wessex was crowned king. William was furious, claiming that in 1051 Edward, his first cousin-once-removed, had promised him the English throne and that Harold had later sworn to support that claim (you backstabber Harold you).  An indignant William landed in England on 28 September 1066, establishing a camp near Hastings (and by “camp” I mean he built a castle). Harold had travelled north to fight another invader, King Harold Hardrada of Norway (why so many Harolds man) and defeated him at Stamford Bridge near York. He marched south as quickly as he could and on 14 October, his army met William’s. It was actually a close-fought battle lasting all day, but once Harold was killed, his army collapsed. William was victorious and on Christmas Day 1066, he was crowned king in Westminster Abbey. A Norman aristocracy became the new governing class and many members of the native English elite, including bishops, were replaced with Normans. Basically, the Normans ruled the roost. 

The first years of William’s reign were spent crushing (and I mean crushing with a capital C) resistance and securing his borders, which he did with ruthless efficiency. He invaded Scotland in 1072 and concluded a truce with the Scottish king. He marched into Wales in 1081 and created special defensive ‘marcher’ counties along the borders (England mine, Scotland mine, Wales mine, what do you mean I can’t have Brittany argh I didn’t want her anyway). The last serious rebellion against his rule, the Revolt of the Earls, took place in 1075. In 1086, William ordered a survey to be made of the kingdom. This became known as the Domesday Book and remains one of the oldest valid legal documents in Britain.  With the kingdom increasingly settled, William spent most of his last 15 years in Normandy, leaving the government of England to regents, usually clergymen. He spent the last months of his reign doing what he did best, fighting, this time against King Philip I of France, who was incidentally the first man EVER to defeat good old William (four for you King Philip you go King Philip). 

Conqueror or not, no one can defeat death, and William, the first Norman King of England, died on 9 September 1087 from injuries received when he fell from his horse. He divided his lands between two of his sons, with his first born Robert receiving Normandy and his third son William Rufus (William II) receiving England (because England wasn’t worth shit back then so the third son got it whilst the first son got Normandy). [Source]



Royalty Meme ♛ [1/8] Royal Children
Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury

Margaret was the eldest surviving child of George, Duke of Clarence and Isabel Neville. Her mother died when she was three years old, and her father was executed for treason two years later, leaving Margaret and her brother Edward in the care of her aunt, Anne Neville, After the deaths of Anne and her uncle, Richard III, Margaret became one of the last Plantagenet survivors of the Wars of the Roses. The new king, Henry VII, married her to his cousin Richard Pole to neutralize her as a potential political threat. (Her brother Edward was eventually executed in 1499.) She later served Katherine of Aragon during her brief tenure as Princess of Wales.  

Margaret had five children by Richard. His death in 1504, however, left her nearly destitute. When Henry VIII took the throne, however, Margaret again became the now-Queen Katherine’s lady-in-waiting. Parliament restored her to the earldom of Salisbury and made her a countess. She became a wealthy patroness of Renaissance scholarship and, in 1520, she became Princess Mary’s governess.

By 1538, however, Margaret had fallen out of favor once again. She was a devout Catholic and had been a staunch and vocal supporter of Queen Katherine and Princess Mary. Despite her advanced age, her Plantagenet blood made the increasingly paranoid Henry VIII see her as a threat. She was stripped of her land and titles and imprisoned, along with her grandson Henry, in the Tower of London in 1539, where would spend the last two years of her life.

Margaret was finally sentenced to death in 1541, despite being by then a frail and elderly woman. Her execution was a grisly, botched affair. She was buried in the Tower chapel. In the nineteenth century, she was later beatified as a Catholic martyr by Pope Leo XIII.



Scotney Castle - England (von ukgardenphotos)




i love this :D PERFCET! it is not important if you made one with the Shadow of the Tower instead of TWQ :)))



my guide to liking a historical figure:

assume right from the beginning that they were a major asshole so you will be positively surprised when it turns out they did something good