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i have just finished a Henry/Lizzie gifset and i would like to add a tiny text below it but as you all know it my english sucks :D so, would you be kind enough to tell me if my english is correct, if you see some mispellings please? here the tiny text :

ƒar away was the time when he fought with his fancing master to impress his betrothed stealthily observing him. Over two years. Two years. Their Prince Arthur. A pretender. Her coronation. Two years during which they both aged. Two years during which care and affection appeared between them. "I do not want to see you on, or near a battlefield anymore," I do not want to lose  y o u she stated sudddenly, forcing him to look up from his work. A closed smile formed on his thin lips. "Are you giving an order to your King?" "No. To my husband." There was a tone in her voice that suggested him to listen carefully, and Henry decided to observe her face: the small lines around her mouth, the tense fit of her jaw, the typically kind yet dark blue eyes. Concern. "Your hands are not made to hold a sword," she said, “They are made to hold me. Just  m e ,”  —and that was the closest to I love you Elizabeth had ever come.


so, did you see some mistakes or misplellings please?



imagine your icon teaching you how to french kiss


John of Gaunt

Richard II

Act II Scene III



a slap in the butt….by Henry Tudor….sexy slap

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i do think that the rumor comes from RIII himself. not because of romantic feelings of course, even if there were surely affection and kind gestures between them because, duh! they were uncle and niece! maybe out of grief or in a desesperate need of control or even to keep close the few people he appreciated, he suggested to marry his niece to his counsellors —after all, Henry VII as well suggested to marry his son’s widow what was seen as incest, even if with a lesser degree— but they were like “oh bad idea! a terrible political move and england will never accept this!”, “you are right guys! let’s forget this silly idea!” but the rumor and whispers were already out and he had to deny them.


as the OP said, the rape is a stupid and disgusting idea. personally, i do think that they waited until being wedded to consumate their union. of course they were betrothed in front of England and God, so having sex would have shocked no one. I, in all honestly, don’t think they had sex before the marriage. Henry wanted everything to be indisputable and legal, and to conceive a heir out of the Papal Dispensation because of their blood connection and before the wedding could have caused great difficulties later for the succesion —if it had been known. After all, three dispensations would be issued in total. I see Arthur as a premature baby, and it could even explain why he died in his adolescence since, statistically speaking, premature children have more chances to die in their teenages years than kids that fullfill their developement (but this is another story). And having sex before the wedding could have forcing him to wed Elizabeth too early, for he clearly wanted to show he was King by himself and not because of their union.

*of course, this is just my two cents. i wasn’t in their bedchamber… sadly :P*


behind every great man…



On this day in history, 28th July 1488 – Death of Sir Edward Woodville, brother of Elizabeth Woodville, consort of Edward IV.

He survived the reign of Richard III in which several of his relatives were executed in a power struggle after the death of Edward IV. Exiled with Henry Tudor, he participated in Henry’s capture of the throne. He was then appointed Lord of the Isle of Wight, the last person to be given that title. An enthusiastic soldier and a man Henry trusted, he has been called “the last knight errant” because of his devotion to the chivalrous ideal. Involved in many military adventures, he was finally killed in an ill-fated personal expedition to Brittany in support of Francis II, Duke of Brittany.